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An update to Internet Explorer 6 and how it affects web sites.
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What are the benefits of owning your own web site?
  - Enhance your company's image. update to Internet Explorer 6
- Enhance your current market. Include your web site address on business cards, letter heads and
- Build your customer referral system. Your customers can refer their friends to your business information on the Internet.
- Be accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers have access to your location, hours, products and services during non-business hours.
- Quickly and efficiently provide answer to routine customer questions and concerns; even during non-business hours.
- Reduce postage and duplication fees.
What are the types of web sites?
    The type of the web site is actually the purpose and audience of the web site. These include advertising, informational, e-commerce, etc. The audience may include customers, prospective customers, members, other colleagues, etc. Hotdog Webs will help you determine the purpose of your web site and set the goal that you would like to achieve with your web site.
What is a domain name?
    A domain name is your address for your web site. For example, or Hotdog webs will help you determine the best name and availability for your company. We will then register the name for you. Registration is currently approximately $30.00 per year with a minimum of a 2 year registration due in advance.
What is web hosting?
    Web hosting is where your domain name is parked. A web hoster is a server location for your domain name. Think of it as a car. You have a car named and it is located at a web hosting garage. Web hosting currently is approximately $15.00 per month due quarterly or yearly in advance. The web hosting fees are determined by the size of the site and complexity.
What is the price of a web site?
    The price varies with the complexity of the design and content. Contact Hotdog Webs for a free estimate. Domain registration is approximately $30.00 per year. Web Hosting is approximately $15.00 per month.
What do I need to get started on a web site?
  - Hotdog Webs - We will help you with all aspects of owning a web site.
- Idea of web site purpose and content. Include company or organization brochures and information.
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